07 January 2010

Fiat Group Automobiles Announces 1,000,000 Microsoft-Powered Blue&Me Vehicles Sold

LAS VEGAS, NV.; January 07, 2010 - Fiat Group Automobiles today at CES 2010 announced it has sold one million vehicles with the Microsoft-powered Blue&Me infotainment system in Europe. Also this week at the Windows Embedded Auto Booth 7853, Fiat will be touting the latest international award assigned to its eco:Drive technology by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. The "2009 European and North American Emission Management Product InnovationAward" was awarded to eco:Drive for its innovative content and simplicity of use.

Fiat Group Automobiles continues to press forward with development of its Blue&Me in-car infotainment system, developed on the Windows Embedded Auto software platform. The automaker has outlined two main areas of focus for Blue&Me:

· Improved integration of personal devices and the vehicle, working to ensure easier and safer use. For example, the new Blue&Me–TomTom product is a fully integrated infotainment system that lets a driver manage telephone, navigation and driving style information functions on a practical color touch-screen. Blue&Me-Tom Tom is available in the new Fiat Punto EVO on sale in Europe since November 2009.

· Conception and development of new applications along the lines of eco:Drive, to analyse driving parameters and vehicle performance on the user’s home computer.

“Thanks to Microsoft’s flexible ecosystem, Fiat Group Automobiles has been able to pursue its vision towards the concept of the connected car” said Candido Peterlini, head of FGA Product Innovation. “The success of Blue&Me comes from improving the quality of life onboard and its vehicle efficiency. We are integrating the car in people’s digital life, exchanging data and content in and out vehicle performances, and eco:Drive is a perfect example of this.”

Developed jointly by Fiat Group Automobiles and Microsoft, Blue&Me was first presented in 2006 and was originally developed as an infotainment system capable of allowing mobile phones and MP3 players to be used in the car safely with voice recognition commands and steering wheel controls. In 2008, the system evolved further with the introduction of eco:Drive, a free application exclusive to Fiat that helps drivers understand how their driving style can affect consumption and CO2 emissions. Microsoft, which has partnered Fiat since 2004 in the development of innovative telematic platforms for the automotive sector, will have a Fiat 500 equipped with Blue&Me on display at its booth at CES this year.

“Fiat’s continued development of Blue&Me demonstrates the inherent flexibility of the Windows Embedded Auto software platform, enabling Fiat to deliver and offer new innovative, rich and voice-activated features while supporting the latest must-have consumer devices that are brought into the car” said Kevin Dallas, general manager for Microsoft’s Windows Embedded business division. “Microsoft provides the rich tools, platform and broad ecosystem of developers to car makers to create unique compelling applications and experiences.”

Eco:Drive is a major step towards the "connected car" – integrating cars with the digital world. Just over a year from its launch, the application (which is available free of charge at www.Fiat.com/ecodrive) has already reached more than 80,000 downloads. Users have analysed over five million journeys, improving their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as a result. Some 2,400 tons of CO2 have been saved, an amount equivalent to the CO2 emitted to light a city of 30,000 inhabitants for five years.

For further information on eco:Drive please visit www.Fiat.com/ecodrive

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